Anxiety and Corona Virus


The strangest of times, a war with an invisible enemy and we are told, our only way to win the war is to do nothing, to stay home but, how can we feel sure that we are doing enough to keep ourselves safe, to keep our loved ones safe and; to trust in a government that we struggle to believe in.

Corona virus has impacted every area of our lives and every aspect of life itself, it plays on our every fear, threatens what we believe in from faith to finance but; what we can still believe in is love and resilience.

Many of us will have fear surrounding the health of those we love but, that doesn’t stop love, it doesn’t stop that feeling of connection that we have with other people whether it is a partner, family, friends or even those key workers in the health services to whom we feel so grateful.

Many others are working so hard to keep our world revolving, emergency workers, post men, supermarket staff, bus, train and lorry drivers, bin men, power station operatives, the list is incalculable of people that we largely take for granted.

And taking things for granted leads us into a sense of certainty; that they will always be there, can be relied on but the corona virus has highlighted how much of life is uncertain, how in todays busy society we mentally shortcut most of what we do each day because to do otherwise would bring us to a grinding halt.

But the same humans who were once amazed at how a round wheel turns; can now feel annoyed when broadband goes down, we are always in such a hurry, psychologically designed for constant onward movement, future focussed with little thought for the present and, at this present time with our future thoughts in disarray, we become anxious, our minds worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

Because we are resourceful; we may panic, feel fear but, given a set of circumstances even those we are currently faced with, if we stop and prioritise our thought’s we can often see a way forward, a way to manage, help we can reach out for.

So in these uncertain times do not despair, look around you at those you love and feel their love for you because that is what really matters in this world, don’t distract yourself, don’t rush around doing, sit with yourself find a place where you can breathe easily and take five.

Breathing is the very source of life and sometimes we forget how to do it properly so just try it now, breathe in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, if you do this 10 or 12 times it will slow your mind, slow your heartrate and allow you to think.

And to those of you who may be looking for counselling at this time, if you are a member of the emergency services you will get it for free, something that I can give back as a thank you for what you are doing.

I can offer counselling via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom/WhatsApp and just on the phone, my charges are on my website together with some small print that I would like you to read prior to getting in touch, and in line with my usual practise, assessment is free to all.