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Saying No

Saying No By ROS WELCH Saying no is about respecting yourself and being respected, valuing and recognizing your inner desires, your time and space. To say no is your choice. Saying No can be important for self preservation whether what is offered is another drink, a chance to help, an opportunity to conform, or forbidden […]

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Counselling: Do I Need It? Can I Justify It?

Socially – Many people just have an uncomfortable feeling, a nagging that something is missing, that they are unable to join in with life the way they feel they should, the idea that one piece of the jigsaw is missing, a need to understand why they behave they do. Bad Habits – Some people know […]

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Adult Obesity

Therapeutic Treatments Of Adult Obesity Copyright © Ros Welch 2013. All rights reservered Introduction In this article I explore obesity in adulthood, focusing on the onset as an indicator of the type of treatment congruous to the client. In addressing the onset I explore the psychological need for weight gain and the defensive intent. I present my overview and […]

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to Ros Welch Blog. I would be very interested in your comments. Please feel free to post away!

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