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If you want your life to be more rewarding you have to change the way you think, we cannot change the past but we can new perspective on it, a new way of thinking that can allow you to let go, to find balance.

‘If anyone is reading this while pondering the merits of engaging with Ros and considering counselling as a route to improved mental wellbeing then they should wholeheartedly throw caution to the wind and make a first appointment.

Ros quickly ascertained my situation and provided the necessary ‘turbo boost’ I needed to make great strides in my personal development whilst recovering from a relationship breakdown and significant career upheaval.

I left each session with tremendous positive energy and useful practical tools that helped me take control of my life and the impetus to make necessary decisions to get things moving in the outside lane once more.’

PJ Aylesbury

“After enduring a life changing injury from a Road Traffic Accident, I sought counselling to assist with my adjustment disorder and subsequent depression. Ros is highly qualified counsellor and assisted me in so many aspects of my life – I am truly indebted. She has wicked sense of humour and our sessions were always balanced. It is rare that you connect with someone from the off, but with Ros it was like I had known her for years.”
AB Stoke Mandeville

I always looked forward to my sessions with Ros, the tranquility of her little hideaway provided a place to escape and focus on my life. I suffered from low self esteem and the inability to ask for help or for what I wanted, Ros gave me to confidence to speak up and see that I was worth it. Ros is an excellent listener, offering sensible advice and strategies, she never failed to make me smile with her wonderful sense of humour.
LR Long Crendon

I had considered seeing a counsellor for years, and finally decided to go for it. When I first saw Ros I was a seemingly outgoing and happy person, however, this concealed the fact I suffered from issues with self-confidence, body image, paranoia, perfectionism along with, at times, drinking and spending to excess. Immediately Ros made me feel at ease and her sense of humour made it easy to open up and be completely honest with her. In a relatively short space of time, we identified the underlying issues which helped me to overcome the negative feelings I had previously lived with and accept how things were.

The change was apparent to everyone, my friends and colleagues commented on how much more content and confident I had become. I could feel it too, a sense of calm, courage and self-worth which I had never known before. Ros also helped me to be honest with myself about my relationship and recognise how this too was affecting me. I went through some major life changing decisions during the time I was seeing Ros, and with her support found I was able to embrace these completely, and move forward positively. I would, and do, thoroughly recommend Ros to anyone considering counselling.
MB Thame

I found the sessions with you extremely useful. I recognise I was pretty miserable for the first six months of this year and I think our meetings were a great step towards breaking the unhealthy cycle I had gotten into.

I appreciated your approach to your work: I felt the sessions were always very constructive and that you were attentive to the issues I raised. I also felt you to be extremely genuine and honest in your responses and suggestions which were very refreshing (because many people are not like this). I always felt at ease discussing unusual or difficult topics.
DF Aylesbury

“Right from my first visit with Ros I felt very at ease, I left with some stuff to work on and read up which made me feel more empowered to take my own self and my own life in my own hands. Ros helped me to understand where I came from, why I had become the person I am, both the good and not so good parts. She gave me tools to make the changes I wanted to make in the relationships closest to me and also in the way I viewed and treated myself. Thank you for being so easy to talk to, so encouraging, refreshingly frank at times and really quite funny.”

JM Princes Risborough

“Although I was reluctant to try private counselling at first, I cannot stress how glad I am to have made the decision to come to Ros and allow her to help me to help myself. She is the first counsellor I have seen who has made a real effort to allow me to express and understand what I’m feeling rather than trying to put words into my mouth for me. During our short but intensive time together, I went from feeling panicked and self-hating almost all the time to feeling like a real, functioning human being for the first time in a long time. She has a fantastic way of making you feel instantly at ease and taking away the fear of expressing your inner thoughts to a stranger.”

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how life changing our sessions were for me. I came to you thinking I was depressed about the breakdown of a relationship which I knew had failed for a reason, but in the process I learned so much about myself and my behaviour patterns which has empowered me to cope with whatever life has thrown at me since. I feel like I really learned some life skills during that time, and since working with you I have changed so many elements of my life. I’m now in a job I’m happy in, have a hobby which I love, and I am in a great relationship which only adds to my happiness and doesn’t define it.

BC Aston Clinton

HL Aylesbury


Worrying can get to be a habit; usually a fear of what hasn’t happened yet. Worrying doesn’t make things happen or stop things happening, it can become the loudest voice in your head….. it’s a voice that we have to challenge.

“Due to extreme stress my hair was falling out. My Trichologist suggested counselling. I went to see Ros and was so nervous on my first visit as I had no idea what to expect. Ros was so welcoming and put me immediately at ease. The surroundings were so calming and peaceful. Ros listened to me and pointed out different ideas and points of view that I had not considered before. I felt I could be completely open with her and say whatever was on my mind. After my second session Ros said she really didn’t think I needed to see her again as we had talked about the things that were causing me stress and she felt that I had dealt with them.

I would not hesitate to go and see Ros again if I ever feel that life is getting on top of me. She helped me put things in perspective and I now look at life and events very differently. Ros is kind and understanding and did not judge me. My hair is no longer falling out and I generally feel better than I have in a very long time. If you are thinking about counselling speak to Ros, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

KG Chinnor

Ros, I wanted to thank you for the past year of help, support, belief, understanding and humour. I knew that I was not coping with many things in my professional and personal life, but you were able to show me the pathway and gave me the tools so I could walk along it with you by my side. You gave me the confidence to release what I was feeling and to talk about it. For the very first time in a very long time I feel alive, happy, open minded and excited about the future instead of fearing the future and dwelling on the past.

It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you over the past twelve months. You are so friendly, funny, easy to talk to, kind but so knowledgeable that it made sense. You enabled me to understand probably the hardest topic I have ever tried to understand ‘me’. You have provided me with the knowledge and confidence to step out there in the world and embrace the challenges instead of taking things personally.

Your home is beautiful, calming and Bertie (the dog), always made me smile when greeted at the doorstep. Your working area, so calming and relaxing, I didn’t have any concept of time or surroundings. It was so comfortable and safe. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. I equally know also that you are only a phone call away in the future if I need you.

BR Oxford

It took me along time to bite the bullet and seek help for my spiralling anxiety issues, every day was becoming a constant battle against anxiety and panic attacks, after finding Ros through her website I was pleasantly surprised to find that not all counsellors have tweed jackets and sit behind a clip board. Ros made me feel comfortable the moment I met her, she has a great understating of anxiety, panic and all the issues surrounding this, the journey wasn’t easy and many tears and deep emotions were exposed in our weekly sessions, but she helped me to see things in another light and give me hope for a brighter future. Ros is very patient, understanding,has a great sense of humour, is down to earth and very easy to talk to. I would recommend Ros to anyone who needs a little help to get back on track in life.
FB Longwick


With death you can no longer change the relationship, ask one more question, say sorry or ‘I love you’. It is an ending that can make you angry or sad, be filled with ‘if only’s’. Coming to terms with loss has no timetable but it does have a process and it can sometimes get stuck, it may need new perspective to find peace.

Throughout my life I have been unable to have closure on the loss of a close friend. Through my sessions with Ros she helped me to see things from others perspective and see when I am stuck thinking as a child and not an adult. I was unsure about seeing a counsellor as I did not think my problems were important enough. But I’m so glad I took the plunge because it has helped me let go of so much anger and has improved my relationships with my family. More importantly I have made peace with myself. She also helped me with other issues by offering practical advice that really worked and continues to support me through emails on occasions. Best email I ever sent was asking her for help.
JP Brill

I hadn’t ever considered bereavement counselling until it was suggested as being a useful way to help deal with grief, and in my mind it wasn’t necessary and i didn’t need it as i was coping, yet i decided to give it a try and i am so glad that i did.
Ros helped me to see that i wasn’t really dealing with things and through our meetings i was able to change behaviours that were impacting every day life in a negative way. Everything is so much more positive now and i am finally able to remember the good memories.

Having suffered three losses in quick succession, I was anxious, fearful of what may happen next. I was angry and had low tolerance levels. Ros helped me find acceptance and gain perspective, to live my life without fear.
SG Aylesbury

Thank you again, my relationships are benefiting from the sessions we had and it’s feeling good to feel sad!
MP Waddesdon

Following the death of my grandfather, a family feud over his estate and a relationship breakdown I felt the need to undertake counselling. I found Ros easy to talk to, a good listener and very patient with me. With every session I started to feel better and stronger. I started to rediscover my old self. There was nothing I felt that I could not tell Ros.

Undertaking counselling with Ros was one of the best investments I’ve made. Thank you Ros for your belief in me and for helping me through what was a very dark time in my life. Thank you.”


It is amazing that we can change our future just by changing our attitude, understanding our past can expose our beliefs about ourselves and allow us to make those changes, to understand how others see us and us them, to find self belief and acceptance, see how we fit in this world we live in finding a new confidence and balance.

It has been a pleasure working with Ros over the last 5 weeks, this round of counseling has been the most effective I’ve had. Ros took her time to get to know me, and my past experience and really explored my family background and how this had shaped me as a person. Ros gave me new ways of thinking about things and put a new perspective on my though processes. I feel like I have learnt so much about myself in this time and will continue practicing the tips and techniques she taught me.

Overall a great experience and I would recommend Ros highly.
AF Haddenham

‘Ros has helped me through a particularly challenging time in my life. Through the work she has done and the time we have spent together I feel like I have turned a corner and now see a far more positive future ahead. Her approach is thoughtful, constructive and considered as well as showing much empathy and understanding. I would definitely recommend to anyone to spend some time with Ros if you want some constructive reflection on some of life’s challenges with a view to improving your quality of life. She is clearly very experienced in her field of work.’
LK Cuddington

I did not know what to expect, I was skeptical, Ros took me on a journey through myself and left me a better person.
WF Aylesbury

I’m so glad to have found Ros. She is very welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to. She has challenged my perspectives, gave me great books to read and allowed me to have the awareness to acknowledge my past, wake up to the reality of my destructive relationship and supported me to have the courage to walk away. Through Ros I have now built up my self esteem and learnt the valuable lessons to not make the same mistake again. Thank you Ros.”

It was very easy to talk to Ros, the sessions were relaxed and comfortable, I felt really heard. She often challenged me and my ideas, I felt I learnt something at every session, I gained insight and self-awareness, it was like a layer of skin being peeled from my eyes.

SH Oakley

I had always suffered low self-esteem and never knew why. Ros was the first person who understood, she helped me see things from a different perspective. I feel confident and look forward to my future.

RL Thame

Ros made me feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed from the word go. I always felt understood and never judged. Ros has a great sense of humour which really helped me to see the funny side of my problems. I’m carrying many of her suggestions with me everyday. She has made a positive difference to my life and for that I am deeply appreciative.


A sense of injustice fuels most anger, there are triggers to anger from our past when we thought things were ‘not fair’ can result in behaviour that gets out of control. To understand our values and those of others, to understand why we react the way we do leads to the ability to control and change our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

One of the best things which I have done with my life was contacting and meeting with Ros, my mind and my actions towards other people including my own family was unacceptable and now that I am able to look back I cannot believe that person was me, my life was a total mess and I was not even aware of it.
Ros is so easy to talk to and I found that I could just unwind tell her everything from which straight away she was able to identify my problems, after my first session with Ros I felt a different person and by the second visit everybody could see the change in me, I was a better person and I felt a million dollars and still do, I have now come to the end meeting or needing Ros anymore but I know she is there if I need her but I honestly do not think I will, thank you for everything Ros.

PN Dinton

I didn’t know where my anger was coming from, it seemed to bubble up into a rage, I felt out of control and began avoiding people, life seemed so unfair, I felt jealous of others, my work suffered, my family got used to tiptoeing around me, I wasn’t liking myself or anyone else! I felt I deserved better, I couldn’t see how my attitude was influencing situations, how my behavior stopped people getting close to me. Ros helped me explore the origin of this feeling of injustice and to put some ghosts to rest, accepting how the past had made me who I am but how also I could make that change and be the person I wanted to be. Thank you.

GS Bierton


The terror of an approaching panic attack fuels the fear but, it won’t kill you, it is your body’s arousal centre on hyper alert, its trying to keep you safe by flooding you with adrenalin, you may start avoiding situations where you risk an attack and this may just start affecting your life. We are our thoughts and we can make change.

I was suffering with frequent panic attack episodes which were causing ill health, and my ill health was also the cause of the panic attacks, I was stuck in a vicious circle and so I decided to see Ros. During our sessions we went through various exercises to deal with my anxieties all of which have given me the tools to deal with my issues and enable me to move on with my life in a positive manner.
She is a great listener and always helped to put a positive spin on things to see a different perspective to change from being a glass half empty person. Ros was a great help.
FD Oakley

I think your ‘Understanding Panic’ article is really good, hits the nail on the head in understanding of how that person is feeling, definitely felt encouraged reading that on your site, as I have always said, I always felt comfort that you understand just how it felt to have a panic attack, and that it wasn’t an understanding from a text book!

EC Aylesbury

I was struggling with depression and panic attacks, stressed and not enjoying my life, my family relationships were suffering. Ros helped me see how my past was affecting my behavior and to put changes in place.

SL Thame


Treading on eggshells with your partner? Losing a bit more of yourself every day? Always in the wrong and conversation is a minefield…. Feeling as if you have invested so much in the relationship that you cannot let go? Validating or challenging the way you feel and react can provide certainty, a way forward.

“I’m so glad to have found Ros. She is very welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to. She has challenged my perspectives, gave me great books to read and allowed me to have the awareness to acknowledge my past, wake up to the reality of my destructive relationship and supported me to have the courage to walk away. Through Ros I have now built up my self-esteem and learnt the valuable lessons to not make the same mistake again. Thank you Ros.”

JH Quainton

My first meeting with Ros felt like I had let out the biggest sigh of relief – she was totally incredible in her intuition and also getting to the root of the problem and where I was going wrong. I wasn’t losing the plot I had just lost myself a bit and was allowing other people to take over.

I realised that I allowed people, to take advantage of my good nature and the lines were very blurred. I was in an emotionally and mentally destructive relationship with someone that was breaking me down to a crumble of who I was.

Ros listened and helped me realise what I wanted from my life for me and I am now in a much better place. I realised that I needed to respect myself before others could respect me, identify who I am what I want and what I need to fulfil me – something we all forget in our every days lives of meeting everyone else’s demands.
TJ Long Crendon

I had low self esteem and struggled with personal relationships, I always seemed to pick the wrong man! Ros raised my self awareness and helped me to see my pattern behaviour for what it was.


Life can throw up all sorts of challenges in the lifetime of a relationship; bereavement, infidelity, financial hardship or differing values. Learning to work together supportively as a team, to communicate effectively and to feel heard. Redefining the future with a shared strength of mutual respect and love.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, understanding and genuine empathy for my concerns and emotions about my partner’s past and indeed my own low self esteem in relation to our situation. You allowed both of us to express our true feelings and then identified a clear path forward which seriously shocked us.

Your professional and experienced approach to us and our problem was both eye opening and very encouraging and whilst we have a number of challenges ahead our commitment and total love for one another will help us succeed to ultimately achieve our dream. Focusing our minds on what we really wanted which was a real commitment to one another by suggesting I propose to my partner blew my mind and her response was just simply the best thing ever.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your help Ros. You have made both of us extremely happy.
CB Thame

Ros provided a safe space in which we could talk without arguing, she ensured that we both truly heard what the other was saying, she helped us find our way back to the love we shared, to recognize that we both still wanted the same things but that bickering had got in the way. She taught us to listen without anticipating the answer or the attitude to drop our defenses and realize that neither of us was the enemy.

JN Waddesdon

In the kindest way possible we hope we don’t need to use your fantastic services again, but should we; when the times arises we wont hesitate to contact you again. Thank you so much for all your assistance and facilitating our discussions.

MC Aylesbury


Many self-defeating behaviours have their roots in the past, they once gave us comfort or courage but now we feel controlled by them, they cause pain, embarrassment and often cannot be kept secret. We address that pain, that past need, examine the behaviours detrimental affects, the adapted lifestyle looking for realistic alternatives for a different future.

When i first made contact with Ros I was within total grip of an eating disorder.
Having suffered for nearly 20 years on and off and now with a young family I desperately needed to get this sorted once and for all.
With Ros’s support and light hearted but knowledgeable approach, just a few short weeks on I have been able to reach recovery and amazingly have just enjoyed a family holiday of normal eating, barbeques and finally feel out of the overwhelming crush that is an eating disorder.

I cannot thank Ros enough, she has done nothing less than give me my life back.

TR Haddenham

I am now confident that, with your valuable help, you have lifted a cloud and given me the tools in order to continue my recovery. I have bought Dr Kate M’s book (of which I’m currently reading), and am going to look into alternative ways to deal with stress and anxiety (e.g. exercise, breathing techniques etc).

I can’t thank-you enough, I do finally feel able to accept my past and know I am extremely valued in the present (regardless of my weight). I’m happy to end our sessions with positivity.
AE Thame


An exhausting battle with your thoughts, a cycle of lowering mood, the black dog! Taking tiny steps towards seeing your options, breaking down the overwhelming into the manageable, challenging beliefs supportively, identifying coping strategies and breaking the cycle, believing that its worth it and…you’re worth it.

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for what you’ve done for me. I’m not writing myself off as ‘healed’ or ‘finished’ as I’m sure I’ll be back to you soon with a new plate of issues for you to solve for me but for now I just wanted to say, thank you. I see things so differently since I’ve had my sessions with you and I haven’t had any serious depression or really bad down days since I’ve met you.

I still get caught up in negative thoughts and still struggle with day to day issues with my but I can honestly say I’m able to talk myself out of getting too far into doom and gloom so much easier since the sessions. It’s like you did some fine tuning in my brain and whenever I’m feeling angry or down I think, “what would Ros say?” And more often than not its enough to snap me out of my thought process and make me see things with a more positive perspective. I’m sure I’ll be walking back down your beautiful garden soon but for now I just want to say thanks again for giving me back some sanity and sense of well being.

BS Aylesbury

When I started seeing Ros I had just been signed off work with depression and my doctor had put me on anti-depressants. I was keen to start seeing a counsellor to help me get back on track and gain a different perspective on my troubles.

From the moment I met Ros she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Previously I have seen other counsellors but nobody has ever made the breakthroughs and impact that Ros has. Her approach was like a breath of fresh air; caring, honest, understanding, educated, sensible and humorous.

She helped me come to an understanding about the causes of my issues, things that previous counsellors had not uncovered, and in turn provided me with tools to address them.

I am a keen reader, so Ros recommended great books to read to support our sessions and my learning. These books continue to be a source of help to me.

Throughout the sessions Ros helped me to address my communication issues, my new perspective on this has helped my relationship with my husband tenfold. It equipped me with skills and practical applications (the daily thought diary) to help me to talk with my husband. We will be always in Ros’ debt for the difference she has made to our marriage.

So, in summary, if you have had counselling before, or if you are completely new to it, I whole-heartedly recommend Ros. Sending the email to her was without doubt, one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Following my sessions with Ros, my outlook and skill-set for coping with what life throws at you has been improved beyond words.

I cannot thank her enough.

“Right from my first visit with Ros I felt very at ease, I left with some stuff to work on and read up which made me feel more empowered to take my own self and my own life in my own hands. Ros helped me to understand where I came from, why I had become the person I am, both the good and not so good parts. She gave me tools to make the changes I wanted to make in the relationships closest to me and also in the way I viewed and treated myself.  Thank you for being so easy to talk to, so encouraging, refreshingly frank at times and really quite funny.”

JP Aylesbury