The Small Print

CONFIDENTIALITY: Our work together is confidential, the notes I take are for my personal use only and kept securely, they will not be shared with anyone without your written permission or a court order, confidentiality even extends beyond life. The only time it can be broken is if I have reason to believe that you intend to seriously harm yourself or others, should that be the case and subject to professional judgement I may need to advise your g.p. or appropriate authorities. My working practise is subject to supervision, confidentiality is observed in this process and client identity not shared. Financial records are coded preserving client confidentiality.

ETHICS: I work within the guidelines of the National Counselling Society, the Accredited Voluntary Register and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I practise continued learning and continual personal development.

BOUNDARIES: I provide a safe non-judgemental place for our therapeutic work; I have no cultural, gender or religious bias. I will treat you with respect and use the language with which you are comfortable; there will be no physicality. I will work at a pace with which you are happy and advise you of my intentions in the use of interventions and any work I wish you to practise between sessions. I promise to always be fully aware of how our work may affect you emotionally, to use realistic goals and timely reviews, manage your expectations using best practice.

COMPLAINTS: Concerns can be addressed to the National Counselling Society, quoting my membership number RW00P05.

CANCELLATIONS: I embrace understanding of personal difficulties in the occasional need to cancel without giving good notice and often will not make a charge, I do however reserve the right to do so should non-attendance become an issue at 50% of the usual fee.

CHARGES: The assessment session of ½ an hour is free and has no commitment, thereafter I charge £50.00 per hour, £60.00 for 90 minutes, sometimes I will recommend the longer session, couples are charged at £80.00 for 90 minutes, should our session exceed the planned appointment time I reserve the right to make an additional charge. The charges may be higher if a report is required.

ESTIMATE: Following the assessment I may be able to advise a timescale to achieve an identified goal, this excludes any additional issues which may arise during our work.

Whether to arrange, change or cancel appointments and for emergency support between sessions I can be contacted by text on 07900 580300 and email

PAYMENT: By bank transfer, Paypal, cheque or cash or on presentation of statement or invoice.

CONTRACT: Acceptance of these terms and conditions form our contract:

Signed: ………………………THE CLIENT ……………….………THE COUNSELLOR DATED:…..…/……./……..