What Can I Expect

My name is Ros Welch and I am a psychotherapist and Counsellor in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.  Below is some information to help you gain some insight into what happens in counselling and psychotherapy and what you can expect.
Our first meeting, will be for the assessment, this takes 30-40 minutes, it’s confidential and free. I ask some questions, as do you; to discover whether we can identify your aims and work together positively to make the change you need. You can choose to go straight into a session (see fees).

The format I use is ideal for short term counselling, to help you cope with the unexpected and keep the wheels turning, but this does not mean that we ignore the past – after all, it is what made us who we are. My working style is integrative, tailoring my method to suit you, the client, generally I like to help make change for the better within 5 or 6 sessions, sometimes less. Working with your priorities to make the changes you need.

I have experience in working with both men and women, male depression often goes undiagnosed dismissed as Irritable Man Syndrome as its presentation of anger conceals the true issue of sadness and unfulfilled dreams.

The process involves raising self-awareness, helping you see new perspectives to find acceptance and a way to move forward. The process requires commitment from us both, I like to give homework to help you develop your own coping strategies and to explore your interactions with others.

I like to make notes to review progress, this is confidential too, I do get supervised as part of my ethical practise it is confidential and names are not used. The only reason I would ever break confidentiality is if I felt that you may harm yourself or others and, I would talk to you about it first.

I work from home in a lovely purpose built room which provides a relaxed and safe environment, I can be flexible with appointment times and understand that sometimes work or life gets in the way and rescheduling is necessary.

Weekdays 10.00 – 7.00 Weekends 11.00 – 5.00

You may choose to book a block of sessions, I offer 6 for the price of 5 on both the hour and the ninety minute sessions, we would review our progress and I would hope that unless your issues are very complicated, that this may be sufficient.

I do not do telephone or skype sessions, I want to see you here in a calm, confidential space, and if you come straight from work will probably make you a nice cup of tea!