Counselling - do I need it?

Socially – Many people just have an uncomfortable feeling, a nagging that something is missing, that they are unable to join in with life the way they feel they should, the idea that one piece of the jigsaw is missing, a need to understand why they behave they do.

Bad Habits – Some people know that they have a self destructive way of behaving, it gets stuck in a pattern, it happens again and again, a feeling that something else is in control, a horrid inevitability; to be rude at family occasions, to drink too much at parties, to avoid social occasions, we wonder why we feel so negative as if our script is written for us, we wonder why?

Families – At the point of planning a family we
question why we were brought up the way we were, why we feel almost
angry, determined to make changes, to bring up our children differently,
we question and wonder, what is normal, why do I feel this conflict,
where does this anger come from?

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Depression – Does it catch you out? Is it cyclical?
Can you see the triggers, can you find the origin, tired of the
inevitability of feeling awful and not understanding why?

Eating Disorders – Once upon a time it was a
comfort, a way of coping but how do we break the pattern, how do we stop
resorting to this destructive behaviour, we need to understand why it
started, it may be an emotional journey, to do this we need help.

Anxiety – Constantly on the point of fight or flee, underlying stress
making you tired, intolerant, closed to new experiences, bored with
what seems to be on offer, frightened of living in today, have you asked
yourself why?

Life Changes – Unexpected things happen, one thing we can be sure of
is that we do not know what is going to happen in the future, if we can
be flexible, grounded within ourselves we can move with what hits us,
bending instead of breaking.

Bereavement – Loss does not just mean losing someone who is close to
you, it means losing a way of life, a future, security, it can be
anticipated but, how it affects you is always a shock, the loneliness,
the need to be self reliant at a time when you are feeling such pain,
talking it through with someone outside your situation can help.

But why, why would you go for counselling? The expense and
inconvenience, we always think we can sort it out ourselves, sometimes
we can’t and the skills a counsellor learns and can pass on can be the
difference between living a life and … life being for living!