Covid 19 Anxiety - Coronovirus Pandemic Anxiety

Covid 19 Anxiety – Coronovirus Pandemic Anxiety

Covid 19 Anxiety is with us, could we have imagined back last spring when we clapped on Thursdays at 8.00, and the weather was lovely that the Coronovirus – Covid 19 Pandemic would affect every part of our lives that we once took for granted?

There is no part of our lives that have not been impacted by Covid 19, from losing a family member to not being able to meet up with your mates, job losses, dating, health concerns, stalled education, travel plans, having to stay home or having to move back home, IVF, home moves, a relationship you were thinking of ending but now feel stuck in.

The feeling of powerlessness produced by Covid 19 anxiety, an invisible danger makes us feel trapped and raises those anxiety levels, we can’t do what we want to do, in a situation not of our making the feeling is ‘it’s not fair’.

Anxiety and frustration can turn inwards, feeling helpless to protect ourselves and those we love, not wanting to share our fears in case it somehow makes them real; makes us more vulnerable.

We can get angry at the world; at people we hold responsible; but we can also become angry with ourselves which quickly turns into depression. The powerlessness, “nothing I do will make any difference” spirals downwards and if we add to that some self-criticism we can soon feel that we have nothing to give, nothing to offer, feel shame.

It is natural to hide from shame, to find distraction in self-defeating behaviours, to focus on a different worry that may be more easily controlled; we do feel out of control and we are reacting in understandable ways to an abnormal situation.

Our tolerance may be lower, irritable towards anyone who wants to know how we feel because our thoughts may be hopeless, we feel cut loose from normality and may push away those closest to us.

We may then feel trapped in our heads, fears we don’t want to face believing that we cannot burden others with how we feel, this is isolating and scary and it doesn’t get better; not until we can clear the fog in our heads.

This is an unusual situation that impacts every part of our lives, you think of one thing it links to another and another until you no longer see what is important. Its like a brain full of bees with no answers to be seen.

There will be a clear route through beyond the fog, its about being able to speak honestly without judgement, without an agenda seeing things for what they are.

Talking works for Coronovirus – Covid 19 anxiety, psychotherapy works even if the word sounds scary too and, we can work on-line whether its one to one or couples, its honest conversation without the explosions or the fog……

So what’s it like working on-line?

You will need privacy at your end, I have it here and the usual confidentiality rules apply,

A bit of decompression time should be allowed before and after separating the work we do together from the days constant zoom calls or other calls on your time.

I prefer WhatsApp or FaceTime video (as I am useless at sending Zoom invites but its ok if you do it your end), we can work just by phone but I do prefer to see your face if that’s ok with you.

I offer the same free half hour as I do Face 2 Face and if you want to go into a session, not go ahead or just think about it; your choice.

I will want you to have ok’d my GDPR ‘Small Print’ before going ahead and I can email that to you.

Please give me a call on 07900 580300 or send me an email with any questions you may have or to arrange your FREE, confidential assessment.

In need of immediate help visit Mind, visit our Resources page.

Covid 19 Anxiety