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Stop waiting for someone else to make your dreams come true.

As we mature; we begin to identify which of our values are in conflict with those of our parents, recognising what is truly important to you and the way you live your life is incredibly empowering.

You may have held a childhood belief of what represents success whether it is financial, family, religion or giving to society but, that does not mean that is the real belief that is held by you today and recognising the disparity allows us to live happily with fulfilment in the knowledge that we are doing what we believe in.

Self-discovery goes beyond just values, understanding our role as a sibling, understanding our reactions to others and how we can project upon them is massively important and may be the key to better relationships in our future.

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Many of us use a passive aggressive stance that comes from the inner feeling that things are not fair, that its not ok for you but it is ok for everyone else. This sense of injustice can allow to hold resentment; and this is self -limiting and often painful.

We are responsible for our own feelings, they are not someone else’s fault, the behaviour of other can result in certain feelings within us but, controlling those feelings, those reactions is; within our power.

If there is a pattern of behaviours in your relationships the common
denominator is you and, we explore why that is, do we play victim,
rescuer or persecutor? Are we drawn into drama because it is where we
feel comfortable? Do we create drama to get our needs met?

Our personal histories will be the designer of our behaviour and understanding that history allows us to move on, to be who we want to be for the future safe in the knowledge that we can be who we want to be.

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