Love Language

There are many, many ways of showing love but, strangely they seem to fall into 5 categories or languages, you may be a present giver, someone who demonstrates by action de-icing the car or doing the re-cycling, you may be good with words always telling your partner how much you love and appreciate them.

The five styles or languages are:

  • Caring actions
  • Appreciative words
  • Present Giving
  • Creating quality time together
  • Affectionate physical contact

Whichever style you or your partner use to communicate, the uncanny thing is that you unconsciously want your partner to do the same thing, you buy presents, you want to be bought presents, proof that you were thought of while apart. Your partner does the candles and the bath thing, that’s because that’s what they want, hugging, cuddling, sex, for some people this is the way love is understood, its no surprise that this is what they want in return.

How can we find out style we are, or our partner is?

Ask these two questions;

I feel most loved when…………

I am most likely to complain when my partner doesn’t…..

Showing your partner that you love them in the language that they understand just may make them feel truly loved and you may feel that you have found the key to something that had been missing in your relationship.

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