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A tiny one syllable word with a mere 6 letters that can mean so many different things and have such a huge variety of symptoms.

If we imagine an internal volume knob that regulates the release of stress hormones within our body’s we can also understand that if it is continually turned halfway up that our tolerance level for additional stress is reduced.

That we can operate better under stress is a myth, our ability to make reasoned decisions is compromised by high levels of stress allowing us to act on impulse in a sense of panic and justifying those actions then becomes an afterthought.

Our lives today are undoubtedly stressful.

… the daily commute, the school run, understaffing or a lack of support at work to ill-heath, pain or poverty. It is a feeling of being out of control. This is not to say that the motivation to be the best we can be is wrong but, we do need to examine the reasons behind continual stress, can we make some changes to reduce the internal volume of stress to a manageable level?

Stress can rob us of the ability to speak at a time when verbalising our needs could be crucial, running around like headless chickens is never productive.

The ability to prioritise is compromised when under stress and that is the time we most need it, we need to see what can be changed by our input and what can’t, again we have to look at patterns, were we given too much responsibility as a child and were we the eldest?

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Does our anxiety originate in loss, do we catastrophise always assuming the worst and planning for it? Are we trying to read minds, making assumptions, trying to control the uncontrollable?

Stress is a killer!

.. it is believed that heart disease, some cancer’s, eating disorders, immune problems, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, depression, circulatory problems and the ability to recover from infections.

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